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28Mar 2014
Mar 28, 2014

Adam’s Blog

Todays blog are the first to instalments about our sponsored child Adam written by his mum Lynsey. For more information about the programme please visit www.kallikids.com

Before starting classes…

We are so very excited to start C’est Chouette Singing French. It will be so interesting to see how Adam reacts to learning a new language before even mastering his own and to see if hearing French and participating in a group with others learning it, aids his progression in speech. At just 21 months I feel Adam is at the perfect age to start listening and participating in a new language as he is demonstrating his mimicking skills at every opportunity.

It will be wonderful to meet other children too and for him to learn in a safe, supportive and fun environment. We just cannot wait!

Four weeks on…

photo (6)So, it has been 4 lessons of French already and Adam is loving it! Now when I ask if Adam would like to go to his French class I get a nod, which is amazing in itself as the current word du jour is ‘no’!

Now we have the C’est Chouette Singing French CD the wasted time in the car is filled with songs and I have to say they come in very useful, not only for learning but as we are now entering tantrum stage there have been a few moments where the CD had been played and it has calmed him down straight away.
In the last week Adam has started to master his numbers 1-5 in English and a couple of colours so will be watching how his French numbers and colours fit in with this new knowledge…….

UPDATE: Part 2 is now available here

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