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23Jul 2014
Jul 23, 2014

Adam’s Blog Part 4

Now the summer holidays are upon us, sadly our French lessons have come to an end until the Autumn term starts. Over the past few weeks there has been an acceleration in Adams learning and his confidence too. It feels like all of a sudden he isn’t shy anymore and is singing along with the songs and joining in with the moves. He happily counts from 1-12 in French (he only knows 1-10 in English) and is happy to do so in the middle of the supermarket at the top of his voice as I mutter that I don’t know who that French kid is!

He is starting to repeat parts of the French story book I read to him before bed and gets very excited when I talk about going to our lesson. When I think that it has only been 16 sessions so far I am so impressed at how well he is doing. The French CD is still a total hit, so much so that he is now asking for certain tracks to be repeated. Am going to make sure I keep up the singing when we are in the car and buy some more French books and hopefully impress Debbie with some new vocabulary when lessons start again.

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