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23Jun 2014
Jun 23, 2014

Adam’s Blog Part 3

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So we are now 11 lessons into French singing or should I say onze.

Adam is still loving it although a bit shy in recent weeks but think that is because he has just turned two. I have seen many changes in his personality but think that is what’s to be expected at this age. At home he is still identifying certain animals in French and now he has mastered his colours in English as well as sign language am going to see if he can pick up the French words too.

It is interesting what he absorbs in lesson but I just don’t realise it until he comes out with a gem! Have discovered track 46 on the CD too, oh my goodness its the most crazy song and Adam goes mad for it, I just cannot wait to see when it makes its début in class, I will be expecting Adam to show off his moves!

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