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Children’s Spanish Singing Lessons For After School Clubs

The appealing and exciting Muchachos Singing Spanish can deliver engaging language lessons in after school clubs to children that reflects the current Key Stage 3 curriculum. Our programme can help to further build on their existing knowledge and strengthen their skills in Spanish language.


We run each topic for an entire term with lessons once a week, each lesson lasts for 45 minutes. We teach using music and singing, dance, but also games stories and rhymes.

All of our teachers are either native Spanish speakers or speak Spanish and English to a very high standard. We know that for children to perform at their best and learn effectively, they need to have fun, so our Spanish  lessons are based around fun communication skills. We repeat songs and rhymes and also play games which reinforce the learning.

It is now understood that teaching children languages from an early age really helps them to excel through their school years as it also helps their development in other subjects, problem solving abilities and confidence. As well  as after school clubs, we also offer stand alone workshops for schools wanting to do something different, perhaps around a certain topic or to celebrate European Day for Languages or a language week? Plus of course our classes for nurseries, so please take a look around the site.

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