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Debbie was fantastic

Aug 09, 2013 by Laura Keates, owner of Little Laura's Nursery

I currently run Little Laura\'s Nursery; for the past two years I have tried to teach the children Spanish myself, due to me not being able to find a good Spanish teacher. None of the Spanish teachers provided classes aimed at the ages of children we have here (2-5 years old), there was far too much sitting and talking at them! When a parent informed us of how lovely Debbie\'s Spanish classes were we immediately called her. Debbie was fantastic, it was so refreshing to have a teacher that fully understood the age/ stage of the children here.

All the songs she has created are fun and easy to learn and members of staff have picked them up without knowing any Spanish at all. Debbie comes in regularly to teach us the songs and then we relay them back to the children. We have incorporated her songs into our everyday programme, allowing each child to have a chance to learn Spanish; the children love them so much they ask for them at circle time! It is so lovely how much the children pick up from singing a few songs over the course of a week. Parents also comment on how brilliant it is when their child comes home singing songs in Spanish. We could not recommend Debbie highly enough; we are so pleased we found her.

A fantastic class to learn a new language

Aug 09, 2013 by Kerry, mum to Millie aged 3

"A fantastic class to learn a new language the fun way! Millie and I really enjoy singing the songs and learning new words! And the Spanish version of Old MacDonald makes us giggle every time! Debbie is a great teacher and makes it really fun with the songs and stories and many props. Can't wait until the next ones start! Thanks!"

Learning a language helped her English

Aug 08, 2013 by Adele, mum to Isla aged 20 months

"People are always complimenting Isla on her speech and she seems quite advanced for her age, she's already using 4 and 5 word sentences, I absolutely think that learning a language helped her English immensely, I have recommended you to all my friends and it has definitely encouraged me to revisit learning Spanish as well."

Lots of Fun

Aug 05, 2013 by Melissa, mum to Amy and Sophie

Singing Spanish songs at home has become part of everyday life since my two girls (3 and 4 years) and I started Muchachos. The classes are entertaining with a variety of different songs and activities to keep everyone engaged. We have all learnt an amazing amount of new words and had lots of fun at the same time.

Debbie is a fun teacher

Aug 01, 2013 by Ruth, mum to Zak aged 3

“My son loves the singing at Muchachos and not only sings the songs at home but also includes some random Spanish words in his conversation sometimes too. Debbie is a fun teacher and all the children really warm to her. It is great to go to class where both Mum and son are learning something together (as I couldn't speak a word before we went.) Would highly recommend it.”

An Extremely Valuable Learning Experience

Jul 24, 2013 by The Pink Cottage Nursery

The children thoroughly enjoy the Spanish classes and have fun learning new words through a range of familiar songs and action dances.
Katia engages the children and provides age appropriate activities and resources which ensures they are always captivated throughout.
The children especially enjoy listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar story in Spanish and use props such as laminated food to join in with the activity.
During the childrens days at nursery they can often be heard singing some of the Spanish songs they have learnt and are even able to name key words after their first term.
We have found the Spanish classes to be an extremely valuable learning experience for the children and are keen to continue offering these classes within our nursery.

A Passion for Languages

Jul 23, 2013 by Rosie, mum to Marcus and Luca aged 2 and 1

Coming from a Spanish family background it has been fantastic to hear and join in singing and dancing traditional Spanish / South American songs that my own boys can experience first hand in a great group experience. Debbie has lots of patience and heaps of energy and always greets you with a lovely smile which really emphasises her passion for languages and seems to rub off on all who come to the class! My boys love it and we often find ourselves humming the songs for the rest of the week

Loves singing the songs at home

May 19, 2013 by Maggie, mum to Sam aged 3

“My 3 year old loves the singing and dancing, and the fact that he is learning Spanish at the same time is a bonus. It is quite amazing how quickly he picks up the words, and loves singing the songs at home.”

Lots of opportunities

Mar 21, 2013 by Caroline, mum to Elsie aged 3

“Muchachos is great fun and a learning experience for the little ones and parents alike. It's lovely to see the children effortlessly picking up the new vocabulary and having fun in the process. They love singing along to the songs and doing the actions. Debbie makes the classes really interactive and fun with lots of opportunities for participation with props, stories, acting, singing, dancing and games. I'll often hear my daughter singing away to herself in Spanish - she even likes scrubbing her teeth now thanks to the 'me gusta lavarme los dientes' song!”

he class is lively, fun and Exciting

Feb 02, 2013 by Michelle, mum to Henry and Oliver aged 4 and 2

“As a professional in childcare I am impressed with this friendly, totally child centred class. Debbie is a very smiley face that draws the attention of the shyest child. Her knowledge of languages and the research around introducing them to under 5’s is invaluable. The class is lively, fun and Exciting and my two shy boys absolutely love it and have learnt so many words that they now correct me. I would recommend this to anyone!”

Muchachos Singing Spanish and French , USA 5.0 5.0 21 21 “Each week the children of the nursery really look forward to their French singing. The sessions are differentiated to meet the needs of the children and are all fully inclusive.